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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Shabby Apple

For just a brief moment, we are going to talk about fashion... but vintage inspired fashion! The best kind! For the Love of Blogs ( http://forblogs.blogspot.com/ ) is hosting a giveaway... a dress from Shabby Apple!!

Shabby Apple makes gorgeous vintage inspired dresses. They also make maternity wear, bathing suits, workout gear and children's dresses. The price point is amazing! Most vintage inspired clothing is very expensive and for what? Shabby Apples dresses are quality designs that will make you look fabulous!

But you can enter the giveaway if your apart of For The Love of Blogs and win a dress!! So, one, join for the love of blogs, if you haven't already, two, go to shabby apples website and salivate over the pretty dresses, and three enter the giveaway. Easy as pie!


I'm so excited to have been notified of Shabby Apple! A good, well made dress, is hard to find these days, and well, not everyone actually fits into genuine vintage dresses!



  1. Hey! I followed the link, but I didn't see the giveaway. I like Shabby Apple too! I already won a dress from them, so I won't enter again. I just wanted to see what was being offered this time. :)

  2. Hmmmm... i will have to fix that. Its for a dress again. How lucky of you to have won one!!