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Friday, 6 May 2011

Retro Kitchen Appliances

The end of the work week has arrived... and this also means the end of retro kitchen week. Although I think we may just have to return to this topic because, well, there is just so much still cover! Today's, I want to start off with vintage kitchen appliances- fridges, stoves, etc. Kitchen appliances did not just come in the standard, and boring, black, white and silver, no, they came in pink, blue, red, green, orange and matched all your other kitchen appliances and decor. I yearn for the day I can make all matching pink appliances!
Here are just a few pictures I found on Google... to get you salivating over something a bit more tasty than your morning oatmeal... 

There are a few companies today which are trying to recreate vintage kitchen appliances by giving them a retro shape and offering them in various, unconventional colors. Fridges sure have come along way, so even if you could get your hands on a genuine vintage fridge, it probably isn't the most energy efficient and not so great for the environment.
One company, fittingly called Big Chill, specializes in "big chill fridges" and various other appliances, with a retro feel.
Now, if you fancy yourself a retro inspired fridge, Id start saving your pennies now. These guys can be  expensive, and I'm sure you wont just stop with the fridge.
Here are some of the items and colours Big Chill has to offer:

here are a few more links for you to check out for all your kitchen appliance desires:

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