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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Vintage Cake Carriers

Good moring, Cats and Kittens! Did any of you try out the recipe I posted yesterday? I think I may try it tomorrow or Saturday, they sound too yummy to resist.

Last summer, while browsing the antique mall, i came across a few different cake carriers. These tin cake trays, where how cakes were transported from one neighbour to the next, or to the annual cake walk, to a block party, dinner party, or perhaps, even a tea party. Now-a-days, people put there beautiful cakes on a plate and cover it with plastic warp, or get an awful tupperware cake cover and tray. This the cake carrier I bought at the Antique Mall, and it is much more pleasant to look at then an awkward coloured tupperware carrier. I highly suggest searching one out for yourself, so you can look tres chic the next time your bringing a cake somewhere. Little things like this is what makes times past so lovely; aesthetics were so much more pleasing, objects were either daintier or so bulky, they were charming. In simpler, slower paced times, women were able to bake cakes often and bring them to welcome a new neighbour or to a block party, the annual work picnic, a cake walk, or a friends dinner party.
Antique stores in your area surely will have a few cake trays/carriers in store, so what are you waiting for? Once you have your lovely tin cake tray, you can bake up a storm and share the results with your friends and neighbours.
Here are a few other vintage carriers I found online


And here is a modern day cake carrier:
This guy is no where near as pretty as it predecessors.

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