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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Fabulous Find- a fabulous find indeed!

This past weekend I was in Victoria and while there I found an amazing retro home decor store!! Their store is at 2622 Douglas street but they also sell quite a bit online, so make sure you check out their website as well. They also do rentals!! So if your in  need of some rad retro decor...I highly recomned you check of The Fabulous Finds!

The owner let me take some pictures of the store, so that I could share with you have fabulous it really is!
The store was set up just like this... like actual rooms
This green lamp is amazing...and in mint condition ( tee hee)
So cozy, just like a real home. Check out the sunburst on the wall too!
 Dinner time! A very unique dinner table only made better by the classic fishtank behind it
I loved this set up! The shapes and colours are just perfect!
 They really have everything you need to create a whole retro room. Cant you just imagine these couches and chairs in your own romper room?!
This light was made by an artist in BC...not retro per say, but retro looking for sure!
 A whole wall of retro chairs... just in case your planning a party! And a very cool bird lamp/chandalier hanging in front.
A classic hanging shade... to complete any retro room!

Alot of the items appeared to be from the 70's but they have a very unique and classic collection. Be sure to have a look on thier website to see all of the fabulous finds they have!


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