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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Thirsty Thursday- White Wine Spritzer

Well, well, its already Thursday and that means it time for a new drink!! This weeks drink is rather easy but it so refreshing... its actually one of my absolute most favorite drinks. A White Wine Spritzer!

Now, all you will need for this drink is: white wine ( its usually made with dry or Chardonnay, but sometimes I use Pinot Grigio), sparkling soda ( like Perrier or an equivalent), ice cubes, and a wine glass.

There are not any exact measurements, but once you've made it a few times, you'll figure out just how you like it.

Fill your glass either 1/4 or half with wine... depending how quickly you'd like to get drunk...
Add less sparkling soda than wine, so if you have half a glass of wine, ass 1/4 of soda.
Add a few ice cubes, as its best when its nice and cold
Its that simple!

The first time I had a spritzer was in Eastern Europe...in the summertime, so it was very hot... I've been in love with the drink ever since. It has a classy, retro feel to it, so drink up!

I like to use heart shaped ice cubes! See how cute it looks!


  1. And they were certainly delicious! Haha

  2. Mmm. DELICIOUS. Going to make it for my party tomorrow! What a great idea!