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Friday, 27 May 2011

Summertime and day dreams

Ah, the end of the week... and the last weekend of May! June is sure to bring many garage sales, car shows, and junk hunting. I really am, very interested in finding vintage treasures, so my goal this summer will be to go to as many garage sales as possible. I wish I had a garage of my own however, to store my lovely treasures and to work on and refinish others. I dream of owning a vintage store and of selling refurbished and upcycled vintage items, as well as the real things. 
In the meantime I will just have to search electronically for oh so lovely vintage pieces, I wish I owned.

Hey, have you all heard of Vintage Life Magazine?!


Its a fabulous magazine, dedicated to... you guess it... vintage lifestyle. Its from the UK, which is a wee sad for is Canadians, who cant get it in the local chapters, and how to pay quite abit for a hard copy prescription.

Eeee, this post is getting a little frantic and all over the place, which means is time bid you adieu.


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