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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Retro Dining Tables

One of my favorite vintage pieces and home decor items is the Arborite, chrome accented kitchen set. I don't know if you've noticed that tables sets clearly dictate the ear in which they come from. The 50's and 60's had the tables like I mentioned above, with the short curvy backed chairs, in bright colours or delicate prints, while the 70's table set had high back rectangular chairs, often in wood accents and flower designs the 70's is known for. The 80's brought chunky, structured, futuristic type furniture, while in the 90's there was plenty of black and gold, tacky cushioned seats, and odd patterns and shapes often in pastels. The 2000's saw alot of wood. As for today, I'm not too sure if i can pin point what style out kitchen tables are in; ikea tables, which are have structure and sometimes a retro feel, are popular, as are inheriting our parents old tables, or if your like me, you've gone out and found youself a lovely 1050's chrome kitchen table.

I was longing, really, truly, longing for a retro kitchen table.You find listings for them on kijiji and craiglist list, as well as at the Antique Mall. Online, they can often be in so so condition, or, as in my case out of my price range. But as luck would have it, on a stroll through the Antique Mall, hidden under a table clothe and nick knacks, I found my kitchen table! It had a white table top, with a cracked golden pattern. It came with a leaf, for when I am entertianing! It did not come with chairs, however, and I am still on the hunt for some fabulous retro chairs to match.

I dont have a photo right now, but will have one for you tomorrow. In the mean time, here are some lovely little tables I found on line:

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  1. gorgeous tables
    "dictate the ear in which they come from. " I think you mean era instead of ear .