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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

HissyFit an Etsy Shop

While browsing one of my favorite sites xoJane I came across an article I should like to share... its about Vintage Fashion for those who arn't the size of a stick.... ie... most of us? Anyway, one of the lovely ladies who posts on xoJane found an Etsy shop which takes vintage fabrics and reworks them into vintage inspired plus sized clothing! What?! Yes, its true! She makes oh so cute dresses and skirts all with a very authentic vintage look... well, they are made of vintage fabric after all!

Here are a few pieces from the site: HissyFit

Its hard enough to find great vintage pieces but even harder to find them in your size! HissyFit offers a great alternative if your really on the hunt for some thing authentic and retro!

Also, check out the article on xoJane:

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  1. Beautiful darling! What do u say about following each other? Kisses from Romania!