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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shabby Apple

Ive mentioned Shabby Apple in previous posts, but I wanted to do a more elaborate one of them today.
Shabby Apple creates comfortable yet very stylish dresses and skirts, which all have a retro feel to them- either through the design, cut or colour.  It can be very hard to find quality made pieces now-a-days among the stores like h&m, forever 21, Zara, and Le Chateau, where dresses are mass produced and of poor quality and material.

On Shabby Apples website,. they have this to say about themselves:

" A return to what dresses were meant to be- a one piece outfit. No need to add anything else...no tank tops, no cardigan, nothing ( except accessories, of course!). "

Their dresses are statement pieces in and of them selves. They bring back the glamour and style of women and clothes past.

Shabby Apple has various collections, all with their own (vintage) theme. The newest collection, for summer, is Inca Trail, which features ruffles, layering, bows, interesting and unique collars, chunky buttons and high waist lines- everything that a vintage gal dreams of.

Despite the high quality of the designs and fabric, Shabby Apple is for the every gal- meaning, it is unbelievably affordable. Further, there are designs suitable for the office, for an evening out, for a date, for a wedding, for, well, almost any occasion. Shabby Apple even has a swim line!

Shabby Apple goes one step beyond with its involvement in charity. Shabby Apple donates 5% of its net sales to support work in India, which is also where they have sourced many of their dresses and the textiles used to make them.  Shabby Apple also offers it customers the opportunity to donate $5 to Unites every time they purchase a dress.

You can feel good about the choice you make when purchasing a dress from Shabby Apple. Not only will you get  a beautiful and quality garment, that will bring you back to another time, but you can also feel good knowing you've helped out Shabby Apple in their charitable cause.

To learn more about Unites, go to: http://unitus.com/

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