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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mad Men inspires Banana Republic

I'm sure you have all heard of that fantastic show called Mad Men  by know... right?! Right! Well, I'm sure just like me, you all envy the gorgeous fashion of the stylish ladies... like Joan and Betty and maybe even Peggy, now that she seem s to have gotten some fashion sense

Janie Bryant is teaming up with Banana Republic this fall to create a line inspired by the fashions on Mad Men.  The line consists of structured pants, jackets and dresses, cardigans, a-line skirts and dresses, houdstooth, lace, leopard, and bold patterns. They don't have quite the extravagant dresses as the Mad Men ladies sometimes don, but how often does the average gal get dressed to the nines when the boss comes over for dinner or when running to the grocery store?

The new line appeals to the average, modern women, who wants that old time look but without the cost or the discomfort. The looks are perfect for both work and play. Pants and blouses paired with suede pumps for the office, and a matching pencil skirt and structured jacket for a date on the town.

 They also have matching accessories, which include leopard print pumps and handbags, faux pearls and suede pumps. And don't think they forgot about you, gentlemen, they also have a line of suits inspired by the dapper men on the show.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the new line


  1. Gorgeous pieces! I love this era. I wish everyone dressed like this ; )

    I worked with Elisabeth Moss (Peggy) once and she was really nice.

  2. I watched your video clip and saw her in it!! I also like how they released tha tylenol commercial with her in it, which im guessing she did before Mad Men...and they re released it..
    I wished everyone dressed like this too!! Instead of lululemon pants and ugg boots... haha

  3. I'm torn. I love Mad Men, and I love that this line is so accessible, but it's also so limited. I love the orange and red dress, but the other pieces are...okay. Plus, I love searching for vintage pieces and finding ones in just the right size.

  4. I agree it is limited, especially in colour! I have such a hard time finding vinateg items that fit me. Damn those ladies for being so teeny tiny!