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Friday, 29 July 2011

Window Shopping

Happy Friday all you rocking cats and kittens...and no your eyes don't deceive you, I have in fact re vamped Vixen Von Vintage...I think it makes it a little friendlier and happy...what do you think?

Well! I have not been to any garage sales lately and I think that needs to change! There is only one month left for garage sales and then Ill have to wait until next June! I have, however, been searching kijiji...and there are some amazing things on there... for pretty decent prices! I have only been looking though, as I am trying to organize my apartment at the moment and can;t really justify buying more stuff right now. woe is me...

Here are some of the amazing things I have found though:

Arnt they great?! And all from kijiji... its amazing what some people have sitting in their basements and garages


  1. Love the new look, almost as much as the vinyl chairs. Awesome retro buy!

  2. thanks! those chairs are great arnt they?!! I wish i had room for them!