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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Welcome, Welcome, Wednesday

Rise and Shine! Its hump day! A rainy, gloomy hump day, but its mid week non the less! If you recall... from yesterdays post... I was in Victoria last week and got to do some great thrift store shopping! I swear, around every corner was a thrift store!
I also wanted to let you in on a wee secret... I am going to be starting a retro store... first on Etsy...and then who knows where else. So Victoria's thrift stores were fantastic for me new little project!

Keep your eyes peeled for a new Etsy Shop Button shortly!!! I'm excited, so you should be too! I have some great retro items ready to be unleashed onto you... or whomever!!

More photos of Victoria to come... I don't want to overwhelm you, what with the exciting news and all!

Happy Hump Day!

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