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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thirsty Thursday- Long Island Ice Tea

Thursday certainly has snuck up on me...and so has August... why it will be here in just a few more days! Well, its still summer and that means there is still time to enjoy a cocktail on the patio or in the backyard... and perhaps inside with the window opening, blowing in a warm summer breeze.

Today's Classic Cocktail is the:

Long Island Ice Tea- one of my all time favorite cocktails, however very seldom is it done right!

What You Will Need:
0.25 oz each of: gin, vodka,spiced rum, gold tequila, triple sec
6 oz of cola ( or ice tea if you prefer)
1oz sweet and sour mix ( lemon and lime with simple syrup, shaken vigorously with ice....or bought per made)
Lemon Wedge

What to Do:
Add gin, vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec and sweet and sour mix in a Collins Glass filled with ice. Top with cola and garnish with lemon wedge

And that's it! Well, there is quit a bit of alcohol involved, so it could get a pricey if you don't have a well stocked liquor cabinet... but I think its worth it.

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