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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Retro Business

While in Victoria I went to tons of thrist and vinatge stores. Edmonton is not the best location for all things lovely and vintage. Victoria however, exceeded my expectations.

I saw this U-Haul building and thought it looked wonderfully retro. There was an argyl print painted on the wall in blue and yellow/cream and the word "U-HAUL" was worn just the right amount... Im not certain how old this building is... but it certainy looked oh so retro to me.

There does exist numerous vintage and retro business and signs and store fronts in Edmonton and throughout Canada, but sadly, more and more they are getting torn down or re-down. I guess the government doesn't have the same aesthetics as myself and all the other vintage lovers out there in Canada.

I also saw an old burger joint which looked like it had been closed for some time...it was covered in graffiti... nice and bright graffiti Ill admit, but I would have rather it be opened serving up milkshakes and fries

( sorry for the unpleasent photo quality- that damn sun just wouldnt cooperate)

There is one burger joint in Edmonton called Burger Baron, which is fairly retro... although it just looks kind of dirty to me... but there are quite a few of them around town. Calgary, however, has an old school drive in called Peters Drive In, which has been open since 1964! Now there's a real retro gem!

In Victoria there is a hotel called Pauls Motor Inn, which also has retro diner... which seemed to never to open... atleast not when we walked by anyway. Pauls has been open since 1938!
I suppose it doesnt have the exact same charm it use to but it had a wonderful vintage air to it.


  1. Op! Another comment, didn't realize you were in Edmonton. My husband is from there and we are here right now. Too neat! Anyways, I'll go away and quit stalking your blog now :)

  2. that is pretty neat! and I love comments! Stalk away! haha