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Monday, 25 July 2011

The County Fair

Good Morning cats and kittens! How was your weekend?! Well... I haven't been out hunting for fabulous vintage finds lately, as well, I have been 1) too busy and 2) broke.

But! This weekend I plan on going to the exhibition! Where I am certain I will find much nostalgia oozing from every corner!

I live in a bigger city, so its not quite like the state fair... but I just know there's bound to be remnants of a time past.

Does your home town have an annual summer fair?!

Here is some fabulous vintage carnival ware and fare Ive found online:

1. an elephant brooch, how fitting!

2. Carnival boots!
3. Paper Ice Cream Cups- how vintage, indeed!

5. A purse fit for the fair!
6. A fabulous carnival coloured brooch

7. Vintage ride tickets

All found on Etsy of course!
Click on the picture and it will take you just where you need to be!

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