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Friday, 17 June 2011

Mobile Interior

Shall take one last look at some fabulous vintage mobile homes and trailers? I think so! And perhaps some links to other bloggers also obssessed with vintage trailers!

All of these interior pictures of vinateg mobile homes are from Happy Day Vintage.
A rad blog, which loves vintage mobile homes, just like Miss V. Vixen!

The Ladies at Oh So Lovely, also have a fabulous vintage trailer, whicch they take to fairs and the like to sell wonderful vintage items.

Amys Vintage Trailers is a blog of... trailers for sale!! Squeee. Check it out!

And a few more pictures, just for good measure


  1. I think you would like my site: ILOVETRAILERS.COM

  2. Oh my goodness. SO cute. I'm not a big camping fan by ANY means, but I would be down for camping in something like THIS! The polka dots are my fave :D

  3. My husband and I inherited a 1952 Spartan Mansion that we are remodeling as soon as we can get it here from where it sits in Northern AZ. Its a HUGE undertaking, but it has all the original retro appliances so I am super excited! I was to keep it funky retro vintage as a shout-out to the time it was made.

  4. brittany, you are so lucky!!! I love retro appliances!! good luck with the remodeling!

  5. Love all the trailers. They are so cute and so vintage. Thanks for sharing it.