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Monday, 27 June 2011

Modern Monday- on the patio

Ive been wanting to "decorate" my patio... which really means clean off the stuff that's currently on it that doesn't need to be and make it a nice place I want to relax at.

I have some fabulous patio chairs already, which are bright and big and great to sit in. All I need now is a table or two, maybe a string of lights, a rig of sorts, and a lemonade pitcher!

Superstore has some 'lollipop tables' on sale for $30, in nice bright colours. Exactly what I want! They also sell strings of lights... although I kind of fancy some tikki or chili pepper lights...

Homesence is also a great place to get random patio things... like trays, plates and bowls, bbq utensils,  glass pitchers, and really who knows what else, as they always have weird knick knacks.

Ikea, another oh so modern shop, also has cheap, well, everything. Here is some lovely, and bright, Ikea summer decor I wouldnt mind having on my patio

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