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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

weekend finds

Well, I made it out to one garage sale this weekend... which was kind of a bust... but I did find some lovely vintage items at the second hand store and The Antique Mall by my house.
The Antique Mall in Edmonton, is having a fabulous sale this week. All the vendors have marked down their stalls. They are adverting up to 50% off... but I only saw up to 35% off... which is still a great deal.
Ive been meaning to buy a butter dish, but keep forgetting. In the midst of my browsing, I remembered!! So, the hunt began. There were plenty of clear glass butter dishes, and not so retro looking ones, so I kept looking. And upstairs, tucked in a dim corner, I found my butter dish!

Its looks so nice with my tins too!!And it was basically a steal!
I'm going to try to go back before the sale is over! And so should you!

I also went to a second hand store, in the west end of the city. Its newly opened and in a nicer area of town, which means better selection which has not really been picked over yet. I found a gorgeous light blue suitcase and an amazing bread box!
The bread box is olive green and huge! My loaf of bread looks so little when its inside. It even has a stamp on the bottom saying September 1969!!
I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with it... I want to start selling vintage items... so maybe I'll start with this gem.

Garage sale season is definitely upon on and so long as I remember my camera, which I seem to have a hard time doing, Ill have plenty more vintage and retro finds to show you!

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