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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Vintage Tins

I absolutely  love retro kitchen wares, especially canisters and tins... which really out do modern tins, jars and canisters. Going to an antique mall or flea market, one can find vintage tins and canisters of all sorts... from traditional kitchen canisters, to cookie tins, or even motor vehicle fluid tins, which once all squeaky clean can be used for various other things. The tins of past decades have a more appeal than today's tins, which can be tacky, boring, or too commercial ( like coca cola, Christmas, or cookie tins). Recently I found some retro tins for my kitchen... they have a more late 60's/70's theme, but are still fabulous

I found them at an atnique sale, they were only $5 for the whole set, which I must say is quite a steal.You can tell by the color and pattern that they are probably from the 1970's, but I love them just the same... even if they are from my least favorite decade. Im sure we've all seen tins like these at our garndparents, or perhaps even our parents kept some around until they decide to modernize. Tins like these are very common and not so difficult to find.

Vintage food and oil tins are a little bit harder to find, depending on where you live and can get to be pricey, as the best ones are coveted.

However, they are not impossible to find and often you can stumble upon one oh so luckily. Or if you take a peak into your grandfathers garage you might find a few covered in dust. Ebay is also a good place to search for vintage items like these.

I was browsing houseandhome.com, as I so often do, and came across a fabulous idea to use vintage tins as plant pots and flower vases. Fancy a look for yourself? Well here is the link:

By using vintage tins, you can add a little touch of glamor and simplicity that comes with the items. Don't be afraid to bring retro tins to other parts of the house, not just the kitchen. They have various uses, and really are just something of a time gone by.

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