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Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Typewriter

Continuing with our office theme...
Today, I want to have a look at some common items found around the office and some typical decor of past era's

Firstly, I wanted to give you an oh so brief history of the typewritter:

The first typewriter was produced in 1870; this version is quite different that what we know to be a conventional typewriter. In 1914, what was considered the first practical power operated typewriter, was invented by James Feilds Smathers. In 1923 he turned over the model to the Northeast Electric Company of Rochester for development. In 1925, Remington Electric typewriters were produced, powered by Northeast's motors... so on and so forth... throughout the years, different companies also began to produce typewriters, such as Delco and IBM. However, the typewriter become obsolete as modern technology gave way to the Computer, By the 1980's most large and government offices, no longer used typewriters and soon everyone else would follow.

Some photos of the models throughout the years:

1940s and 1950's

1960s above and 1970's below
And finally, a 1980's model

More office decor to come....

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