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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My smashing 70's office

As it happens, Ive lent my camera out and haven't been able to take pictures of my table for you! I know, heartbreaking. But to keep you interested, I wanted to tell you about my office, which is pretty retro all by itself.

It has fantastic fluorescent lighting, which actually isn't so fantastic. It has wood panelled walls and secret shelves behind the wood paneling. And the best parts are the filing systems built into the walls... which I'm certain are very dated, indeed. To start there is a filing cabinet built into the wall; they're are no sliding drawers, rather the door slides, not allowing you to easily see the names of the files. Then there is a very odd filing system,which looks like a very large tool kit- they kind with all the little clear drawers to sort and separate nuts and bolts, etc. This one is five drawers across, and seven down... perhaps it was some sort of mail sorting system, I'm not sure. Then, there is a Rolodex filing system, in the wall! There are a few drawers, filled with old metal stamps, which have address on them.

These things, I promise to photograph for you. Its all a bit 70's, which I have to admit is not my favorite era, as things don't seem to be as aesthetically pleasing. None the less, I think you will enjoy the trip around my little office, which will most likely encourage a post on fabulous office decor from the 50's.

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